Weekly Roundup (June 9-14)

Typewriter Letters

Happy Friday, everyone! We’ve made it to the end of the week with another round of Prompt Exchange, which is quickly finding its wings. We’ve got a great group of folks participating, and some fantastic stories.

Interested in joining us? Sign up here.

Author: Mike
Challenger: Kat
Prompt: Write a story about an empty glass.
Response: What’s the Problem?

Author: Kat
Challenger: kgwaite
Prompt: The bitterness and the sweet
Response: Silent Surrender

Author: Jester Queen
Challenger: Supermaren
Prompt: Don’t touch it; it’s evil!
Response: Ghost Camp

Author: lisa
Challenger: Diane
Prompt: Eyes like marbles, dull, cracked marbles
Response: If I Can’t Have You

Author: kgwaite
Challenger: FlamingNyx
Prompt: You’re sitting next to a roaring fire and the cold rain is thumping down in front of you. Tell us a story about what happens in the space between these contrasts?
Response: In the Space Between Contrasts

Author: Supermaren
Challenger: lisa
Prompt: Write a story about anything you’d like, but write it from a 5 year old’s perspective.
Response: Piquancy

Author: Barb Black
Challenger: Wendryn
Prompt: Sandman
Response: Sandman

Author: Wendryn
Challenger: Maya Bahl
Prompt: Out of the ground, a flower emerges!
Response: A Door Opens

Author: FlamingNyx
Challenger: Barb Black
Prompt: She was tempted to cause a scene…
Response: Can’t Bring Myself To

Author: Maya Bahl
Challenger: FKC
Prompt: He curled up on his new leather couch and waited impatiently for the phone to ring.
Response: Waiting

Author: Chelle
Challenger: Mike
Prompt: Write about someone who has, or has had, or is about to have, a headache. Literal or metaphorical. Or both!
Response: Here A Sigh, There A Sigh