Quick Challenge: Something New

antique stopwatch by William Warby

The editors here at Scriptic want to keep you on your toes, so we’re having another special, one-day-only challenge — starting NOW!

Submit anything you like on the subject of “something new.” That’s art, photography, or writing of any sort (1500 words or fewer, please).

But this time, there’s a twist: it can’t just be ABOUT something new, it has to BE something new. If you usually write prose, try poetry; if you usually write poetry, try prose. Or if you’re comfortable writing, submit a photograph or some other kind of graphic art. Whatever it is, do something different, something that jars you out of complacency, something that gets your creative blood flowing.

(And yes, we know that many of you are still working on your submissions for this week’s Prompt Exchange. Consider this a diversion.)

We’ll pick our two or three favorite submissions, feature them, and those entrants will be asked to guest post on Scriptic in July. All of the remaining entries will be featured in a roundup post on our Tumblr.

You can submit your entry in the comments, which close in 24 hours — at 9:01pm EDT on Wednesday, June 20th.

You only get 24 hours, so get cracking!