Weekly Roundup (July 23-28)

Typewriter Letters

It’s that time of the week again, folks! I know it’s been slow on the site, but it certainly hasn’t been that way with our loyal authors! This stuff is fantastic…take a look for yourself.

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Author: SAM
Challenger: Diane
Prompt: The smell of gunpowder still hung in the air, even all these years later.
Response: Whiskey Breath

Author: Michael
Challenger: SAM
Prompt: Grab a favorite book from your shelf. Open it to page 68 and count 7 lines. Add that line somewhere in your piece. Please share the book and the line in your required Scriptic text.
Response: Graceland

Author: Kat
Challenger: Jester Queen
Prompt: Chad followed me from room to room singing his cow song while I picked up dirty laundry and cleaned litter boxes.
Response: Going Down To Cowtown

Author: Jester Queen
Challenger: Barb Black
Prompt: All it needs is a little elbow grease.
Response: Elbow Grease

Author: Grace O’Malley
Challenger: Michael
Prompt: “Think of writing as writing a letter to someone.” -Kurt Vonnegut
Response: Inverted Jenny

Author: kgwaite
Challenger: lisa
Prompt: For 8 years she’d watched him and he never once noticed her. Well today he’d have no choice but to notice her.
Response: Six-Nineteen

Author: Barb Black
Challenger: kgwaite
Prompt: Lake Shore Drive, 1966
Response: Lake Shore Drive, 1966