Quick Challenge: Happy Nikola Tesla Day!


Every 10th of July, there is a holiday that every Internet denizen should be celebrating: Nikola Tesla Day.

The great inventor, physicist, mechanical engineer, electrical engineer, and futurist (how’s that for a title?) is responsible for modern-day AC electricity–without which, no one would be reading this page.

He was also responsible for radio and wireless communication, and demonstrated wireless energy transmission as early as the nineteenth century, but how many of you have heard of or celebrated his achievements?

Today at Scriptic, we’d like you to submit anything you like on the topic of “electricity.” That’s art, photography, or writing (1500 words or fewer, please), any style. You’ve got 24 hours to submit your link in the comments below.

Depending upon the number of entrants, up to three people will be selected to guest post on Scriptic over the next month or two.

Sound like fun? No sign-up necessary. The comments section will close in 24 hours.

Get to creating!