Weekly Roundup (July 12-July 19)

Typewriter Letters

Some great stuff this week. Storms, demons, planets, friendship and popcorn. Go. Read. Enjoy!

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Author: Michael Webb
Challenger: Jester Queen
Prompt: The shutters slapped against the house with every gust of wind, and I felt the house watching me. This was alone. This was bad.
Response: Storm Front Coming

Author: Tara Roberts
Challenger: Diane
Prompt: Tonight: the first debate of Apocalypse (insert year here). God vs. Satan. Who will win the election? Tune in at 9!
Response: Tune in at 9

Author: Jester Queen
Challenger: Bewildered Bug
Prompt: Write a romantic poem ‘an ode to popcorn.
Response: Ode To Popcorn

Author: Bewildered Bug
Challenger: Eric Storch
Prompt: There’s a Planet Here
Response: There’s a Planet Here

Author: Eric Storch
Challenger: Tara Roberts
Prompt: “I know a way to stay friends forever, There’s really nothing to it, I tell you what to do, And you do it” ~ Shel Silverstein
Response: Of Comic Books and Gossip

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