Prompt Exchange August 3-9

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Welcome to the prompt exchange for this week! If you signed up, you should have received your prompt via email. If you didn’t receive an email, please check your spam folder. If you still can’t find it, please send us an email at and we will check it out.

There aren’t many rules. Write something that responds to the prompt. Include the footer; the information for that is in the email, too. If you are on Twitter, please tweet your response and make sure to give credit to the person who gave you the prompt. Once you are done, post a link in the comments here so we can read your work and include it in the weekly round-up. If your response to a prompt completely blows us away, we may ask you to submit a piece to Scriptic for publishing.

The deadline is Thursday, August 9, at midnight Eastern time.

Here is a list of people who signed up for this week, and the prompts to which they’ve been assigned. If your name isn’t on the list, please visit this page to sign up for next week.

  • kgwaite Prompt: “I’m dead now. ‘Long with faith and chivalry.” — from Faster, Sooner, Now by David Gray
  • Eric Limer Prompt: Sitting inside the eye of the storm.
  • Michael Prompt: Write something about someone who establishes a new, important relationship and then immediately has to strain it — almost to the breaking point — by asking for a huge favor.
  • November Rain (k~) Prompt: ​”My dad’s thing was, You know the thing you really know? That you never ever know.” -Randy Jackson
  • dailyshorts Prompt: …in that moment between faith and fear time stamped a mark in permanent ink.
  • Jester Queen Prompt: Here’s a 90 second drill. List items you find in a hospital. When the 90 seconds are up, write a story that includes all the words on your list, but don’t set your story in or near a hospital.
  • Eric Storch Prompt: My mind flashed to childhood games. I imagined Jeanette Soltz chanting “Red Rover, Red Rover, we dare Lilly over.”
  • lisa Prompt: You receive a package in the mail from your grandfather who died 12 years ago.
  • Diane Prompt: The world is ending tomorrow – how would you spend your last day alive?
  • Cameron Prompt: If my life had a soundtrack. . .