Worth a Thousand Words

via apophysis_rocks on Flickr.

Our first art and photography challenge–something basic! We’re calling it “A is for Art.”

We’re open to photography, graphic art, drawings (even fanart!), crafts, scuplture (well, pictures of crafts and sculptures you’ve made in response to the prompt, anyway). Any sort of art inspired by the prompt. The catch?

Well, it has to be something created expressly for this challenge–although if you had a great photo previously taken, and edited it into something new to fit the prompt, we’re cool with that, too. But seriously, don’t just send us some of your old-but-awesome stuff in response. And obviously, by submitting something to this challenge, you’re affirming that it is your piece and that you have the rights to it.

Here is how it will work: This challenge runs biweekly, as in twice a month. You sign up here by Saturday at midnight (EST), and we’ll send you a letter. You have until the following Friday at midnight (EST) to enter your response in the comments section of the weekly post. We’ll publish a weekly roundup of all the awesome participants on Saturday.

If you’ve participated in our writing Prompt Exchange, you’ll probably be familiar with the system.

Since it’s already Monday, why don’t you give it a try? No sign-ups needed for this period, August 6th-17th. As for your prompt, the name of this challenge might have given you a clue…

It’s an alphabet challenge! So enter anything beginning with “A.” Again, there are no sign-ups necessary for this initial challenge. Just leave your link in the comments below!