Open for Submissions!

Reflections of Earth

Yes, the day has finally lurched ’round at last–the Scriptic Collective is currently open for submissions.

We’re excited to begin the second phase of our mission! We can’t wait to help you get used to submitting your creations to paying publications, so don’t hesitate. If you’ve ever wanted a look at the rhyme and reason behind online submissions, now’s your chance.

We’re looking for writing, art, and photography to be published on our site. You can view our guidelines here. They’re very thorough, so please read them carefully. The link to our Submissions Manager is at the bottom.

Note that this submission policy is quite different from the challenges. You will create a Submittable account and send your most polished work. Once your work has been published on Scriptic, it will most likely no longer be eligible for other electronic publications. Please treat this as a professional step, but bear in mind, we’re here to help.

We can’t wait to see where you take this!