Weekly Roundup August 23-30

Typewriter Letters

This week features warped fairy tales, dirigibles, the man in the moon and sinister priests.

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And now, last week’s participants:

Author: Grace O’Malley
Challenger: Christine
Prompt: Take a familiar book, story, or fairy tale, and rewrite the ending. Feel free to change the setting, time period, characters, etc., as long as the original story is recognizable.
Response: Ordinary Disasters

Author Christine:
Challenger: Michael
Prompt: I’m in a hurry
Response: The Jade Dragon

Author Michael:
Challenger: SAM
Prompt: What if there really was a little man on the moon? Who is he? Why is he there? And why does he always have such a silly expression on his face?.
Response: Man in the Moon

Author SAM:
Challenger: Grace O’Malley
Prompt: You’re nothing but a deck of cards.
Response: In Time: Brainwashed

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