Weekly Roundup: August 31-September 6

Typewriter Letters

Another hectic week in the Scriptic prompt exchange brings us a wild ride featuring kinetic machines, anthropomorphic storms, and the possibility of finding love in a coffee shop!

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And now, last week’s participants:

Author: November Rain
Challenger: Grace O’Malley
Prompt: “‘Kiss me and tell me it’s not broken.’”
Response: Unbroken

Author: Amanda
Challenger: November Rain
Prompt: “Something had to be done, before the last bit of light faded.”
Response: Before the Light Goes Out

Author: Michael
Challenger: Amanda
Prompt: “I’m finished with being careful.”
Response: Boys Who Smell Like Woods

Author: SAM
Challenger: Michael
Prompt: “‘I do the best I can. Everything else is everybody else’s problem.’ -Alison Janney”
Response: The Storm of the Century

Author: Carrie
Challenger: SAM
Prompt: “It’s back-to-school time. You are reading over your child’s school supply list, and there, between the filler paper and three ring binder, was something quite unexpected. What was it?”
Response: A Surprise Requirement

Author: Eric Storch
Challenger: Carrie
Prompt: “You could see the man with the uncombed brown hair and the wrinkled khakis at the same street corner every day for two years. At 1 o’clock on Monday, he ate a peanut butter sandwich, at 2 o’clock Tuesday he had a doughnut, and the rest of the week he had a vegetable of one kind or another at exactly 3:15. It never seemed like he ate enough to sustain himself, which may be why he hasn’t been seen for over a month.”
Response: PythagoraSwitch

Author: Kat
Challenger: Diane
Prompt: “A crook, or a saint? Who is The Miracle Man?”
Response: Do You Know the Miracle Man?

Author: Cheney
Challenger: Caitlin
Prompt: “‘We are ready for the siege. We are armed up to the teeth. Be careful how you live and breathe. Release what’s brewing underneath.’ –Silversun Pickups, ‘The Royal We’”
Response: Deader and Gone

Author: Christine
Challenger: Cheney
Prompt: “These are songs for heartbreak.”
Response: Clockwork Birds

Author: kgwaite
Challenger: Christine
Prompt: “It’s the end of summer. What comes next? Give us a story about transitions.”
Response: Green and Green Alone

Author: Grace O’Malley
Challenger: kat
Prompt: “There’s a sun I’m eager to see, but the moon still longs to keep me.”
Response: Huáng