Weekly Roundup: September 28 – October 4

Typewriter Letters

This week’s prompt exchange had a good mix of writers and genres. Come, visit, read, enjoy!

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Now for this week’s entries:
Author: Michael
Challenger: Grace O’Malley
Prompt: Archaeopteryx, Inc.
Response: “Forgive Me, Richard Dawkins”

Author: Wendryn
Challenger: Michael
Prompt: And everything was going so well, too.
Response: All’s well that…oh, wait.

Author: Supermaren
Challenger: Eric Misener
Prompt: Well, this certainly gives new meaning to the phrase ‘the apple of his eye.’
Response: Secrets of Eden

Author: Jester Queen
Challenger: Supermaren
Prompt: Write a story in which one character is telling a lie.
Response: On the cutting room floor

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