Weekly Roundup: Oct 12-18, 2012

Typewriter Letters

Corpses, stormy girls, and creepy parents…the month-long march to Hallowe’en continues in our weekly roundup!

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Author: Supermaren
Challenger: Eric Storch
Prompt: “Use this line of dialogue verbatim in your response: ‘I like a girl who can kick my ass.’”
Response: Kick My Ass

Author: kgwaite
Challenger: Supermaren
Prompt: “The peacock and the mouse.”
Response: What to Throw Away

Author: Carrie
Challenger: Diane
Prompt: “A bright flash, a loud bang, and…”
Response: Moonlight

Author: SAM
Challenger: Grace O’Malley
Prompt: “Phillip Larkin, ‘This Be the Verse’”
Response: Parents Just Don’t Understand

Author: David Wiley
Challenger: Trencher
Prompt: “Write about a discovery during an unguarded moment at sunrise.”
Response: Sunrise Revelation

Author: Christine
Challenger: David Wiley
Prompt: “He believed that magic wasn’t real until the day…”
Response: Form and Function

Author: Cheney
Challenger: Christine
Prompt: “Anna Akhmatova wrote: ‘You will hear thunder and remember me, | And think: “she wanted storms.”‘ Tell us more.”
Response: You Know

Author: Jester Queen
Challenger: Laura
Prompt: “‘I wanted my life to start – but in those rare moments when it seemed like something might actually change, panic shot through me.’ –Curtis Sittenfeld”
Response: On My Honor

Author: Michael
Challenger: Jester Queen
Prompt: “Cold air blew in from the front of the house, and I knew before I went into the kitchen that the door had been open all night.”
Response: Crippled Inside

Author: Eric Storch
Challenger: Michael
Prompt: “‘Sometimes I don’t consider myself very good at life, so I hide in my profession.’ –Kurt Vonnegut”
Response: The Reluctant Corpse