Take a look at some of the people that run Scriptic. Go on, look!


Dara O
  Dara started reading when she was 18 months old, and started writing just as soon as she could hold an implement.  She almost got kicked out of the second grade because of a highly-inappropriate book report on The Thorn Birds.Now something of an adult, Dara works long hours as a lawyer, but in her spare time, reads and writes as much as possible.  She is an avid fan of the em dash.Dara lives with her musician husband, surrounded by books, instruments, and computers.  They are currently preparing for the arrival of their first child in the next few weeks.
Grace O’Malley
  Grace O’Malley is a freelance editor, author, and poet. She dabbles in other arts, especially music, pastry, drawing, and costuming, but her first love is the written word. She is a member of the Editorial Freelancers Association, and may be contacted for manuscript editing/development jobs in her “spare” time.Grace is a staunch defender of the antiquated “two spaces after each full stop” method, but will bow to editorial demands when necessary. This is not the case with the Oxford comma, which you will be forced to pry from her cold, dead hands.
Wendryn Barnhart
  Wendryn Barnhart writes to sort out the weirdness of the world. It only works sometimes. She loves to edit and has helped several people clean up manuscripts for publishing. She works full time in a job which, while interesting and lucrative, is not quite as much fun as editing, though she does get to indulge once in a while.She has a husband who is amazing at math and quite wonderful in other aspects, a remarkable daughter, a Great Dane, and a cat. She also loves to fly, especially aerobatics; unusual attitudes are excellent.She is often amused by dangling participles, has a hard time reading a menu without correcting spelling and punctuation, and once succeeded in persuading a coffee shop to change a citywide promotion to correctly use “its” rather than “it’s”.
Maren Montalbano Brehm
  Maren Montalbano Brehm is an opera singer, writer, and part-time fairy godmother. She has a penchant for cleaning and straightening things up, which makes her a good editor but an annoying houseguest. She also spends a great deal of time in the summer spinning wool at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire, where she met her husband.She has yet to learn how to spin straw into gold, but she is working on it.Maren believes in the power of proofreading, and is not afraid to point out a misused word like “lay” versus “lie.” She has also been known to launch pillows at the television when she hears a politician say “nuke-yoo-lar.”
Julia Z
  Julia will judge you on improper spelling and incorrect grammar and the greengrocer’s apostrophe has been known to make her splutter with rage. Don’t even ask her about the 10 items or less lanes at the markets or her head may well explode.In her ideal world, Julia would spend all of her time writing, reading and drinking red wine while a cabana boy cleaned her house. Alas, this is not her ideal world and there is no cabana boy. On a related note, her house is pretty messy.